The JRPM Killer Landlording Tips- PART 3


This is the third in an ongoing series of landlording tips that have been learned (the hard way), borrowed, discovered, and outright stolen along the way of our journey in real estate investing and specifically, landlording and property management. We hope that seeing these tips can help a few landlords each day work smarter and not harder, and to take advantage of sometimes hidden or unknown ways to improve your bottom line.

We are about to launch our special subscriber page for these tips which will have an image slider that will allow you to view ALL the landlording tips on one page, as opposed to having to jump from post to post to view them. You can subscribe to our blog by simply entering you email in the upper right location to do so.

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To the Tips!!

KLT 25- landlording tips KLT 116- landlording tips KLT 33 landlording tips


Hope these help some of you with good ides to include in your landlording tool box!

Remember, It’s not about the Journey, It’s about the Destination



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