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Pest Prevention and Control

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Pest Prevention and Control

Fall in the northern regions of the United States can cause unwanted furry friends to take refuge in your home or rental property.

While managing properties in the Midwest, I have experienced issues with the following unwelcome visitors:
•Mice and Rats
•Birds and Bats
•Ants and Other Insects

My best advice is to prevent pests from getting into your property in the first place. However, if you are reading this article, it may be too late for prevention.

Listed below are my tips for prevention as well as the best ways I have found for controlling or eliminating pests that have already found their way in.

Pest Prevention Tips

1. Educate Your Tenants

Finding out what maintenance issues are going on in your properties is much easier when you ask your tenants rather than waiting for them to tell you!
◦Educate them that doors and windows left open without a screen are open invitations welcoming nature in.
◦Inform them of the risk of damage and their financial responsibilities due to negligence on their part.
◦Impress upon them the importance of cleanliness and taking garbage out regularly.
◦Send a monthly or quarterly email updating them on the maintenance schedule and requesting that they inform you if anything seems out of the ordinary with the house or apartment.

It’s much easier to ask your tenants about issues rather than wait for them to tell you!

2. Perform Annual Preventive Maintenance…..

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