The JRPM Landlording Tips Series

We are going to start a series of posts entitled “Landlording Tips” which will be a numbered list where we try and get to  300 + tips over the course of the series. This will be an INTERACTIVE list, which basically means, that along the way, we are hoping you send us more great tips, either vis email at maanlord@maanspsce.com or in the comments section below. This list will be presented pictorially,  so each tip will be it’s own distinct image that can be copied and shared in other media independently, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

The reasoning behind this is that I started to post these tips to twitter, and their absurd 142 character limit had me typing like a 14 year old girl with all the abbreviations and word modifications to squeeze my message into a single tweet. Then I started seeing these text picture boxes for Swimmer Problems sifting the internet for funny stuff for our sister blog, The Splashfather Chronicles.

One thing this list will NOT be is in order of importance. These will be randomly generated tips. Like the Mega Millions number ball machine, but without $125 Million on the line.

So with the table set, we will introduce as a little primer, LandLord Tips #9, 88, and 96:

KLT-9 KLT-88 KLT-96

We will be sending these tips by email to all of our subscribers right when they are published, so use the box on the right to SUBSCRIBE to our mailing list to get all the tips without having to check and see if any new ones have been posted!



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