Landlording Tips for the Independent Landlord- the 411

You know what? Nobody really wants to help anyone anymore. Nobody opens doors for old ladies, nobody stops to let you cross the street, and no one ever just gives away their business secrets for nothing. Well I’m not nobody. I’m the MAANlord, and I’ve created this blog so that YOU, the startup or small landlord who doesn’t have enough units to get in the big organizations with all the best info, or enough money coming off your properties to go buy that advice, can get landlording tips on how to better run your business for higher returns and less hassles.Rental House, Landlording Tips

The one thing that used to bother me so much when I started out buying investment property, was the almost complete inability to get really good, up to date, tech savvy landlording advice. You had to either buy books on the subject, and the data in those got increasingly stale over time, and sometimes wasn’t relevant to my area, or go to a local real investors meeting, which was filled with 90% people I would never have a beer with, never mind take advice from. The remaining 10% had been landlording for the last forty years, and were so far behind the times technologically, half the time I was trading knowledge with them, instead of really learning from them.

This blog is designed to do one thing, a thing I searched high and low for but couldn’t find ANYWHERE on the net: a place to go to find the inside scoop, best practices, great cheap tech to make your life easier, and awesome ways to reduce waste and increase collections….no need to dial 411, we’ve got the 411 right here!’

If you’d like to join us, I will have a subscribe button up soon, and all my posts will also be propagated through twitter (@maanlord), and a dedicated Facebook page. I can guarantee you that you will learn a few things by going through my posts that can help you run a more profitable and lower stress property management business. Us grinders got to stick together!

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